Like most New Year resolutions, we did a pretty terrible job of continuing to post on the angr blog throughout 2017. We learned from this, so this time we’re making an May resolution and bringing the angr blog back!

We know that angr can be pretty unapproachable and that while we have examples, they’re generally a little short on the thought process that underlies our solutions. On this blog, we’ll be posting many examples with abundant explanation, announcements and tutorials covering new angr features, and in-depth looks at parts of angr you’ve never though about before. To get you all started, we have a tutorial on extending angr to new architectures through gymrat plugins and more! If you’ve ever wanted to use angr to symbolically execute MSP430, Xtensa, BPF, cLEMENCy, or even Brainfuck (gasp! Not BrainFuck!), then it’s definitely worth giving it a read! You can find links to each of the tutorial pages here.

If you have any suggestions for articles or questions for the angr team, please reach out on our slack! You can request an invitation here. For more information on how you can contact us and get involved with the angr project, see here.